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What do you see when you picture Satan? Seems like old movies depicted him as a silly looking man in a red suit. There was an 80’s song that said, “I’ve heard about him, but I never dreamed he’d have blue eyes and blue jeans.” They don’t match the depiction in scripture. “Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord, and Satan standing at his right side to accuse him.” (Zechariah 3:1 NIV) The word Satan means accuser. The Hebrew word for “to accuse” comes from the same root as Satan. So if you follow the word meaning, picture Satan as a prosecuting attorney who is bringing all these charges against you.


His charges are not made up. He doesn’t have to dig much before he finds where you break God’s law. There are multiple charges and the penalty is steep. Thankfully, we are not left alone. We are given an advocate, Jesus Christ. I have been in the jury for a trial twice in my adult life. I learned a lot of things. First, you can’t get more boring than a courtroom scene. Don’t believe any of the stuff you watch on tv. You’ve got to work to stay awake during a trial. It is as mundane as reading an owner’s manual. Second, if I am ever accused of a crime, I hope I have money for a good lawyer. In both of these cases, the defendant had a public defender. I’m sure the defender was overworked and understaffed, but the defender never seemed well prepared for the trial. If I were on trial, I’d want the best lawyer I could afford to get the jury to declare me innocent.


Picture a courtroom scene. You are on trial. The Heavenly Father is the judge. Satan is accusing you of offenses. The devil knows everything you have ever done. Thankfully, you are not alone. God has given us the greatest defense lawyer in Jesus. Like Perry Mason, he hasn’t lost a case yet. Is Satan accusing you of sin? Don’t let him drag you down to his level. You have a great defense. But Satan is persistent. He doesn’t give up easily. Satan isn’t wearing a red suit. He doesn’t have blue eyes and blue jeans. He is accusing you of sin. He is hoping you will fall into it again. He is hoping you will plead your own defense, a swift and certain loss. He doesn’t want you to call that successful advocate, Jesus. So what are you going to do?


Written by: Jimmy Hodges